Obieg no. 10: BECOMING EARTH (working title)

Earth is becoming something else than it used to be, a process that is happening on such a scale and at such a pace that understanding or mapping those changes is becoming difficult if not outright impossible. One useful tool that could make the task easier is the concept of “plasticity, proposed by Catherine Malabou. It is in particular what she calls destructive plasticity, a plasticity that causes irreversible change, that allows us to think about what is happening around us without succumbing to apocalypse anxiety. The philosopher analyzes the concept on the example of plastic explosives. Interestingly, she doesnt concern herself with plastics as synthetic materials and it is their persistent durability and massive presence in the environment that seem destructive in a very perverse way. Plastics have been recognized as a factor of epochal change, and in this issue of Obieg we preoccupy ourselves with how their materiality is shaping the very phenomenon of change, how they are becoming Earth and how Earth is becoming something else because of them. Recognizing the changes of becoming itself, its new phenomenality, can ultimately lead to different ways of thinking and acting.


Edited by Jarosław Lubiak and Krzysztof Gutfrański


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