Culture Wars 2.0

Jan Tarnas

The article provides an introduction to the problematics of contemporary cultural wars. The author discusses the American perspective where the attitudes of the contemporary adversaries have become most distinctly pronounced, i.e. the positions of: (1) the orthodoxes, based on axiomatic normativity; and (2) the progressives, striving constantly to question the reality at hand. In this perspective, the mechanisms of the contemporary total revolution and the methods of cultural war are analyzed. The author points out the mechanism of censorship that has become an increasingly common phenomenon in public debate, threatening not only the freedom of speech through the isolation of facts and the choice of selective narratives, but also the very stability of the education system by manipulating the notion of truth. In the face of a reality subject to constant pathologization, questions are raised about the nature of and need for art that would cease to be solely an expression of contemporary ideologies and become again an individual human expression.