Exhibition: Waiting for Another Coming

Vilnius: Contemporary Art Centre (CAC; Šiuolaikinio meno centras)
31 August to 18 October 2018

Warsaw: Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art (Ujazdowski)
25 October 2018 to 27 January 2019

Curators: Anna Czaban, Jarosław Lubiak, Ūla Tornau

Contemporary Art Centre (Vilnius) and Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art (Warsaw) for the first time jointly prepared an exhibition. The starting point for the collaboration of these two biggest interdisciplinary contemporary art institutions in Baltic region is the centenary of the restoration of independence celebrated by Lithuania and Poland in 2018. The exhibition consists of two episodes: first in Vilnius and the second one later in Warsaw. Various Polish and Lithuanian artists were invited to take part in the project and create works that will serve as a tool for reflection on the condition of society, economic challenges, and development perspectives for local cultures. The exhibition will be accompanied by discursive and performative program as well as publication.

“It looks like a place that contains another place that has transformed into a yet another, which is now adjacent to yet another, and so on. A planet made up of frozen human bodies encounters a fragment of a trashy rural landscape, networks of necropolises draw imaginary urban maps, archaic bodily reverberations mobilise collectivities, the innermost corners of the human soul are exposed alongside the political underground, and immigrant enclaves sit alongside oases of identity. It is a flux in constant transformation, and to travel though it is to explore heterotopias.

Waiting for Another Coming (Lithuanian: Laukiant kito atėjimo, Polish: Czekając na kolejne nadejście) will take place in both Poland and Lithuania. The episodes of the exhibition are two separate conceptual configurations, but they ask a joint questions about the future and its role in shaping artistic subjectivities and how artistic subjectivities take shape within current political realities. The historical trajectories of these countries made them evolve into decidedly different places. For this reason, the construction of a heterotopia has become the exhibitions leitmotif, present both in the artistic practices, and in terms of how the two episodes have been structured.

More informations and program for Lithuanian part: http://www.cac.lt/en/exhibitions/current/9093