Contemporary Art Festival SACO 7: Origin and myth

09.08.2018 || 12:00 am

Inauguration of international exhibition, part of 7th edition of Contemporary Art Festival SACO. Melbourne & Clark Historic Dock, Antofagasta (Chile)


Contemporary Art Festival SACO is Dagmara Wyskiels project that has been created as an answer to cultural emptiness of Antofagasta region.

I arrived in Antofagasta in 2001. I began searching for spaces, people, and historical accounts related to art. And I realized I had landed on the moon, in several aspects, because of how far away I was from any other cultural center and for the nudity of the landscape, and the amazing sky over it.

(from the interview with Dagmara Wyskiel: here)


SACO is an annual, independent initiative by SE VENDE collective: a mobile platform of contemporary art under Dagmara Wyskiels and Christian Nunezs direction. Due to lack of appropriate institutions in the region, the goal is to create a place for reflection, criticism, and dialogue by site-specific interventions and filedworks. Antofagasta world capital of copper mining is presented as source of other kinds of valuable, needed and renewable wealth, i.e. creativity and dialogue.

On August 9th, on Melbourne & Clark Historic Dock in Antofogasta, as a part of SACO7 Origin and myth, an international exhibition will be opened during which works of 7 artists chosen from 227 propositions from 22 countries will be presented. Valeria Fahrenkrog (Chile-Germany), Jose Alfaro (Costa Rica), Barbara Schall (Brazil), Gergana Elenkova (Bulgaria), Thiago Guedes (Brazil), Tomasz Matuszak (Poland), Rodrigo Toro (Chile).

The exhibition will be open until September 14th.

Programme (Spanish)



The text written in association with Urszula Gąsiorowska