PUBLICATION || Beyond Afropolitan and Other Labels: On the Complexities of Dis-Othering as a Process

Inspired by SAVVY Contemporarys call for a recalibration switch to “dis-othering, six European institutions joined forces in 2017 to initiate a delicate process of self-reflection.

This publication recounts the trials and tribulations of a collaborative project designed to engage with the need to deconstruct the practice of forms of “othering in European cultural institutions.

European societies, many with legacies of a colonial past, need to change their education, media and cultural sectors to reflect their history and multicultural population make-up and help curb racism and discrimination, but change is slow. As Belinda Kazeem-Kaminski puts it:

“How does one think about Blackness in a country where colonialism is rarely discussed, kept out of schoolbooks, and out of what Gloria Wekker calls the ‘cultural archive where Black people are, as Araba-Evelyn Johnston-Arthur accurately puts it, ‘caught up in a state of extreme visibility and extreme invisibility? Which measures are necessary for proactively conjuring up the ghosts of colonialism? And which forms of artistic expression are able to grasp the grammar of suffering and violence against Black people without reproducing it?

from the Introduction


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