24.11.2017 Screening of

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A small town in the Sahel. Members of the younger generation are confused because they no longer believe in promises and foresee a destiny captive to natural disasters, wars and dictatorships. In desperation, they decide to leave and assault the defenses that divide the Sahel from Europe.

Prize-winning Chadian playwright and poet Koulsy Lamko wrote a libretto that tells the tale of a young girl who tries to smuggle her way into the “fortress Europe over the barbed wire fence surrounding Spains north African enclave of Melilla.

Bintou Were a former child soldier (whose name means troublemaker) accuses some of the local men of having taken advantage of her. She announces that she is pregnant, but does not know who the father is. Diallo, the people trafficker, makes the most of the situation and claims there would be a right to asylum if the child were born in Europe. He has made many promises to all those interested. They must move quickly before it is too late...

Four hundred years to the day after Monteverdis LOrfeo, Manthia Diawara broadens the notion of opera and gives both critical, poetic and musical voice to the real-life drama of immigration. In doing so he does justice to the opera of the world, as its played out today on the coasts of Lampedusa, Lesbos, Melilla and many more.

As an event accompanying the launch of the fifth issue of the online magazine “Obieg: Aesthetics of Contingency, we invite you to the screening of An Opera of the World and a meeting with Manthia Diawara and, curator of this year's Documenta, Monika Szewczyk.

Free entrance. Start:18:00, U-Jazdowski Cinema

Screening: 1h 10min,
English and Polish subtitles
Discussion after the meeting followed by a Q & A, led by: Krzysztof Gutfrański (Editor-ich-chief in "Obieg")