06/06/2019 || Journey Across Asia Award 2019


Journey Across Asia Award 2019


The worlds first award for artists on the move, those who formulate their own art language, tackling cultural change from tradition to modernity. Founded by a group of international art collectors and practitioners, the Journey Across Asia GAAB Collectors Choice Award will be presented for the first time by the Warsaw Institute for Modern and Contemporary Asian Art Foundation with its partners and friends.


How do the artistic trajectories run in a world where geographical and cultural distances are getting shorter and shorter? How does the artists path construed both biographically and spatially: from place to place, from work to work look like? We observe closely as new artistic voices emerge, picking up those practices that are most captivating, already rivet attention, and have even greater potential. We search for and award those artists who propose new narratives about how cultural value is conveyed across time and space, how it influences the social environment and the way realities are defined.


The artists nominated for the Journey Across Asia Award are active creators who with and among the many possibilities afforded by the contemporary world weave their own path. Their practice relates to and engages with themes of exchange, travel, dialogue, translation. Those are signs of the time, which the WIMCAA along with its friends and partners wish to award and give recognition to in a kaleidoscopically changing global vision of the world.


The Journey Across Asia Award was founded as a symbolic sign, serving the exchange and migration of ideas from East to West, from West to East. It is in itself a result of the journeys undertaken by the collectors who nominate the candidates for the award outstanding art collectors from Asia and Europe who in a secret ballot name the candidates together.


The Journey Across Asia Award is presented for the first time this year as a vital extension of the Warsaw Institute for Modern and Contemporary Asian Art Foundations wide-ranging educational, cultural, and local-community activities.


The winner of the Journey Across Asia Award 2019 is Anahita Razmi, a Berlin-based Iranian-born artist who, synthetically and with much wit, portrays the crisis of attitudes in the postmodern world. The art of Anahita Razmi, her videos in particular, is devoted to a quest for alternative social models, being filled with questions about what the West can borrow from the East and whether the distinction makes sense any more.


Honorary mention goes to the Chinese artist Uma Jing Yang, whose practice revolves around the notions of change, dynamics, and movement. With her background in the dance theatre tradition, Uma Jing Yang is an author of performances and performative installations as well as paintings, characteristic in their dynamic idiom and gesture.


The award-presenting ceremony will take place on 6 June 2019 as part of the final gala of the GAAB Asian Collectors Summit 2019 Patrons & Philanthropists: Art for the Future at the Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art in Warsaw.