02/06/2018 || Call for Submisions | Political Animal: Art Writing Constructing the Contemporary City


Call for Submissions for BarCamp, part of the Political Animal (21-22.06.2019, join on FB) in CCA Glasgow


Deadline: 02.06.2019, 5pm


Political Animal is an interdisciplinary cultural event which explores how the contemporary city can be written, curated, performed and (re)built. Through talks, presentations, exhibitions and assemblies, questions around the roles of the collective and the individual in the operations of the city will be raised and discussed. Aristotle defined humans as the ‘political animal because humans rationalise, normalise and codify their social relations in a city. Yet do all ‘civil practices participate in the rejection of the unconscious and instinctual urges that form the non-political aggregations of the mob, the pack and the herd? How does the body of the collective absorb or exclude the living body through art, the law and the media?


Instead of the usual closing remarks, the end of this event will take the shape of a BarCamp. BarCamp is an open, participatory workshop-event, the content of which is provided by the participants themselves. It is an intense event with discussion and interaction between attendees. Unlike the traditional conference format, BarCamps have a self-organising character, infused with the passion and the responsibility of the participants.


More info: https://bit.ly/2Qfrodf