As part of Russias Zapad 2017 military exercises, three fictitious states were conjured into being: Veyshnoriya, Besberia, and Lubenia, and during the war game Hegemon Baltic Campaign organized as part of the Baltic Security Conference 2017, Russia simulated an attack on the Baltic states and Poland.


Issue No. 9 of Obieg will take on board these events: staying within Central and Eastern Europe, it will take up the challenge of possible future scenarios for the territories of Poland and Lithuania. The issue will set off on a journey in time to look at the mutual relations between models of statehood in these countries, while venturing beyond the existing narratives. Oriented towards the future and using futurological tools, the invited authors will therefore focus on the phenomenon of fictitious and imaginary states. Based on hypothetical scenarios in which countries such as Poland and Lithuania cease to exist, the presented texts will consider new state-forming tools as well as what the fate may be of the new geographical constellations after they depart from the model of the nation state. In Issue No. 9 of Obieg, futurology meets the geography of reportage and the realism of fiction.


Editors: Krzysztof Gutfrański and Vitalij Strigunkov


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